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Gemma & Adrian

Gemma and Adrian bought the Flying Bean in October 2018. It was a dream of theirs to own and run a small and local cafe when the opportunity presented they certainly did not hesitate. Both worked in completely different fields before owning the establishment and needed a change of lifestyle. With significant hospitality background they both took a leap and decided to run their first family business together. Courage, teamwork and determination are what took to build the business as we know of it today, not knowing their journey led them into creating the iconic flying bean cafe.

Our Menu

Simple, fresh and locally sourced.

Our menu is a selection of locally sourced produce with a simplistic approach to providing our customers with the freshest and delicious meals. Please check out our menus and you might find your next favourite dish.

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The Flying Bean Cafe Beachmond, Gold Coast, QLD
The Flying Bean Cafe Beachmond, Gold Coast, QLD
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Thank you or all your support

Our motivation is to provide our customers with the best experience possible, by ensuring our food and service are the best. We value all our guests and we will strive to improve so that we may continue to provide great value for visiting our establishment.

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Chef Adrian

Chef Adrian is the kitchen manager of the Flying Bean Cafe. His culinary passion is unorthodox compare to some cooks in the industry, his knowledge and skillsets are and enhanced over time by just being hands-on. Before owning the cafe, Adrian enjoyed cooking and hosting events for his family and friends, thus fueling his love for culinary arts.

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Our local suppliers.

Went up there on my bike people there are old school with manners. Chef was good. Price was good and meals were also good. Thank you will get back there for good food and good service....👍

Bruce Thacker
Local Guide